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Pageant Soup Podcast Show – Episode 47 is online

Pageant Soup Podcast Show - Episode 47

Pageant Soup Podcast Show - Episode 47

Mr. Black America for 2010 Xavier Cole along with guests Rocky Graziano and R’Darius Black  talk interview tips and tricks for new, aspiring and seasoned competitors in the world of gay male pageantry.  The show is online for you to download and listen via your favorite mobile device or your computer.

The best way to listen to the show is simply to subscribe to the Click Click Expose Gay Podcast Network via itunes.  Click here to subscribe today.  The show will be downloaded to your favorite mobile device or simply to your computer and you listen to this episode or any of the episodes in the Click Click Expose Gay Podcast Network.  Don’t want to use iTunes, prefer not to subscribe (okay we will forgive you) – that’s okay, you can still listen to the show.  Head to our website: http://www.clickclickexpose.com and click on the button that says “Podcasting.”  There you listen to individual shows by clicking on the show name or find the “green button” that says Listen Now to hear the show.

Thanks for joining us for another episode of the Pageant Soup Podcast Show.  We hope you enjoy it.

Click Click Expose Gay Podcast Network Weekly Update – May 14

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<br><Strong> May greetings from your friends at The Click Click Expose Gay Podcast Network. </strong> We are a network of different podcast shows produced by <a href=’http://www.clickclickexpose.com’&gt; Click Click Expose (Gay Entertainment Media) </a>with contributions from our friends, supporters and content producers. <br><br>We want to welcome our newest show to the podcast network – This Show Is So Gay with Ken and Becca from Vermont.  They are a news, interview, music and talk podcast show done live on WVEW 107.7 FM in Brattleboro, VT.  Welcome to the network!! Also, the Pageant Soup Podcast show has also returned with new host Mr. Black America 2010 Xavier Cole as he talks about the world of gay male pageantry.<br><br>Whether its a music show, love show, news or entertainment – we have something for everyone.  We invite you to come check it out and be apart of our community.  <BR>  <br><strong>Don’t forget to check out <a href=’http://www.planetq.tv’>Planet “Q” TV </a>- it’s our very own all gay video sharing website with more than 1,100 videos from all over the world in support of our community.  Check it out and upload your video today!!  <a href=’http://www.planetq.tv’>Watch your favorite video by clicking here!!</a>

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<p><strong>THIS WEEK’S SYNOPSIS:</strong> <br> <strong> 1.  Pageant Soup Podcast Show (#47) </strong> – Interviewing Tips with guest Rocky Graziano &amp; R’Darius Black.<br><strong>2. DJ House Music Show (#39) – </strong> This week’s music show – Fire Sessions 1 House Mix – Part 2 – from DJ L Calderin. <strong><br> 3.  Queer History Fact (#105)</strong> – Roman Emperor Hadrian and his lover? <br><strong>4.  This Show Is So Gay – Episode May 12, 2010</strong> – Entertainer extraordinaire Tym Moss <strong> <br>5.  This Show Is So Gay – Episode April 28, 2010</strong> – Music Artist Sir Ari Gold <strong><br>6.  This Show Is So Gay – Episode April 14, 2010</strong> – Guest Phil Putnam<strong> <br>7.  This Show Is So Gay – Episode April 7, 2010</strong> – Music Artist Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls – 75th Anniversary Show!!<strong> <br>8.  REBROADCAST – Generation Q Radio – Episode #8</strong> – Tales of Dating</strong>  <br><br>


<a target=”_blank” href=”http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3?http://www.clickclickexpose.com/Audio_Files/PageantSoup47.mp3″>Pageant Soup Podcast Show (Podcast)</a><br />
<a target=”_blank” href=”http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3?http://www.clickclickexpose.com/Audio_Files/MusicShow39.mp3″>DJ L Calderin “Fire Sessions 1 House Mix” – Part 2 (Podcast)</a><br />
<a target=”_blank” href=”http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3?http://www.clickclickexpose.com/Audio_Files/quee105.mp3″>Queer History Fact #105 (Podcast)</a><br />
<a target=”_blank” href=”http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3?http://www.clickclickexpose.com/Audio_Files/TSISG5-12-10.mp3″>This Show Is So Gay 5/12/2010 (Podcast)</a><br />
<a target=”_blank” href=”http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3?http://www.clickclickexpose.com/Audio_Files/TSISG4-28-10.mp3″>This Show Is So Gay 4/28/2010 (Podcast)</a><br />
<a target=”_blank” href=”http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3?http://www.clickclickexpose.com/Audio_Files/TSISG4-14-10.mp3″>This Show Is So Gay 4/14/2010 (Podcast)</a><br />
<a target=”_blank” href=”http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3?http://www.clickclickexpose.com/Audio_Files/TSISG4-07-10.mp3″>This Show Is So Gay 4/07/2010 (Podcast)</a><br />
<a target=”_blank” href=”http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3?http://www.clickclickexpose.com/Audio_Files/GenerationQShow8.mp3″>Generation Q Radio – Episode 8 (Rebroadcast) (Podcast)</a><br />

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The Return of the Pageant Soup Podcast Show

To all you pageant fans who enjoy female impersonation and male lead entertainment – the Pageant Soup Podcast Show is making its return to the Click Click Expose Gay Podcast Network today with Episode #46 – How to prepare for an upcoming pageant contest.

Pageant Soup Podcast Show - Episode #46

Pageant Soup Podcast Show - Episode #46

As you can see from the picture, we have some awesome guest which include National Title Holders Simba R. Hall, Zavior Mays, Antonio Edwards and our host Mr. Black America for the 2010 season Xavier Cole.

To listen to the show live as its happening, go to: www.blogtalkradio.com/ccemedia and follow the prompts to listen to the show.

Can’t make the live show.  NO PROBLEM.  You can subscribe via iTunes to the Click Click Expose Gay Podcast Network and have the show downloaded to you every month.  To subscribe, click here or you can visit our website at: www.clickclickexpose.com and click on the button that says “podcasting” to subscribe or to just listen to any of the shows on the CCE gay podcast network.

We are exciting about re-launching the Pageant Soup Podcast Show and we hope you will tune and listen.  As always, we invite your questions, comments and suggestions and thank you for your continued support.

From your friends at Click Click Expose (Gay Entertainment Media) – Thomas

Miss Continental 2008 – Episode #44

I have not had the pleasure of attending a Continental pageant but of course if you are a regular follower of gay US pageantry than you know that it is consider the “pinnacle” of gay pageantry.  This week host Vicki Valentino talks about the amazing pageant Continental had this year on both the male and female side.

Miss Continental 2008 featuring Tulsi

Miss Continental 2008 featuring Tulsi

 We want to offer our congratulations to the winner of Mr. Continental David “Freklz” Hunter and Miss Continental Tulsi.  We also can’t forget the Plus Queen winner for this year Mercedes and the 2008 Continental Elite winner Angel Sheridan.  Much success to all of the winners and their reign.

Listen to the show now on our website.


Simba R Hall joins us for Episode 43

Simba R Hall - Mr. International 2008
Simba R Hall – Mr. International 2008
Simba R. Hall started his pageantry career in 2002 on the stage of 708 in Atlanta, GA competing for Mr. Liberty International.  With the crowd silent anticipating what to expect, he has transformed into what his name truly represents; the king of Prideland.  In such a short time, Simba has pioneered his way into the field of pageantry not to be forgotten by the people he touches with his vibrant smile, humble personality, charismatic talents, and eager determination.
Simba was attracted in the field of pageantry because of his desire to have a voice in the community and his love of performing on the stage.  He has shown to be diligent in all systems he has come in contact with.  Conquering Mr. Renaissance was the beginning of Simbaʼs dynamic career.  As Mr. Renaissance, Mr. Hall started the Kingʼs Alliance which united all the mister national titles together giving back to the community.  This cultivated Male Entertainers of National Systems (M.E.N.S.) Night.  All the male systems came together and each king performed one number along with an opening and a closing performed by all the current national kings including three of the top four (Continental, Entertainer of the Year and USA).
Next, Simba was appointed the emeritus of Mr. Global International.  Under his reign, the system grew to have seven competitive boys for the first year and Memphis took credit for hosting its first Male National pageant.  Simba went on to win Mr. Sweetheart International where he is now revered, adored, and serves as an official judge for the Nationals.  During his reign, Simba also went on to conquer the title of Mr. Continental.  Although this was the pentacle of his career, he continued to serve both titles with style and dignity.  Under his Continental reign, the system boasts growth from eight preliminaries to eighteen.
Simba also works outside the community as a professional opera singer.  In this line of study, he has sung in churches and recital halls across the US.  He just recently returned from Europe with the Atlanta Opera chorus where he toured singing Porgy and Bess.  He will return in October for three weeks to finish the tour.
Simba is reigning as Mr. International and continues to make a difference throughout the GBLT community.  While catapulting to new levels in the community, he merges his professional career by planning and working on his solo recital and debut live recording late this winter in Atlanta, GA.  

Savion Simpson Black joins us this week on Episode #42

Pageant Soup Podcast Show Number 42

Pageant Soup Podcast Show Number 42

After a short break for filming EOY and International Week 2008 (along with a few wedding for good measure) – we are back with another episode of the Pageant Soup Podcast Show.  Join Host Steve and Vicki as they talk with the current reigning Mr. Entertainer of the Year Savion Simpson black.  EOY 2008 has turned out to be one of the best year’s for the system and Vicki and Steve tell us why (or at least give their opinion why).  We also talk disappointments this year and the good turnout from the male side of the pageant. 

The show airs live on Thursday August 7, 2008 at 7 PM Eastern Standard Time.  Visit our home page at: www.clickclickexpose.com and look for the white button that says “Listen Live,” to check out the show.  This is a live call in show, so be sure to call in with your questions and comments – also the chat room will be open as well.  Can’t join us live?  The archive will be up later on tonight.  Just head to the home page and click on the green button that says “Listen Now.”

Happy listening!!!